Former US President Barack Obama talked about SHINee in his speech and Key’s response!

Obama mentioned SHINee in a speech he gave today about Korea. 

On the morning of June 3rd, former president Barack Obama started his keynote speech by showing his undying love for Korea at 8th annual Asian Leadership Conference, sponsored by Chosun Daily.  

Obama says “good morning” in Korean, says “young Americans study Korean to know about Shinee” “Good morning. Jo eun ah chim.” “I visited Korea four times as the American president. That is the most I visited a non-American city. This proves how strong Korean-American relations are and how much I love kimchi and bulgogi.Obama went on to mention Shinee. “There are many famous Korean films being produced and young Americans study Korean to know about Shinee. Likewise, SHINee loves the American In-N-Out burger.”


He spoke at ‘The 8th Asian Leadership Conference’ held in Seoul. During the speech where he talked about relationships between USA and South Korea.

19554976_684102965119601_3299135815190797222_n19598527_991015881038944_2752033932661085119_nKey thanked former U.S. President Barack Obama for mentioning SHINee in his speech.

At ‘The 8th Asian Leadership Conference‘, Obama mentioned the K-Pop group while in talks about the relationship between the U.S and South Korea. 


Key responded to Obama’s honorable reference via Instagram on July 3. The idol said, “Thanks for mentioning us, Mr. Obama. SHINee will do our best for the growth of global ‘pop culture’. and YES! We do love ‘IN-N-OUT’ :)”

Key also attached proof shots of SHINee eating at ‘IN-N-OUT’.




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