170618 – Max Movie Instagram Update.



One thought on “170618 – Max Movie Instagram Update.

  1. All About Choi Minho is the page I like and love Thank you very much this page have asvertise about Sunplay in Bangsaray Thailand . I have many friends live here at that time I am a lawyer office and lived in Pattaya many years . I knew The Great man at here but he live in Bangsaen but young brother is the mayor at here no have the governor because Pattaya is special city I feel good for All About Choi Minho I can to said Bangsaray is very beautiful white sand beach and blue sea and delicious Thai food , the people at Pattaya can see Bangsaray because near Pattaya. I love Pattaya or in the past called ”Patt-ya” My lovely friend and love me so much she lived in Bangsaen and she is the best friend with son(politician,Formor minister of culture ) of The Great man This is real fact, I didn’t lie and believed in one’s word of me which the other people and police called me ” Iron Woman Lawyer” it’s real story but I can not to swim but I Go to many small Island with police for my work about infringe or violate Copyright and now I do a litter because is danger to life I wrote manything I hope that All About Choi Minho don’t feel annoyed me and Actually I still love and support , encourage ”All About Choi Minho ” always and forever .Thank you very much

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